Minimum Time in Grade 10 Months,80 Classes . Normal time is one year.Passing score is 85%

Kumi Kata (Gripping)


7 Grips and your favorit throw from each

5 Grip Breaks, follow up with a counter attack

Kata (Forms)

Demonstrate sets 1,2,and 3 of

Nage No Kata (Forms of Throwing)

Katame No Kata (Forms of Grappling)

Hairi Waza (Matwork Entry)


5 ways to turn over an opponent that's in the Turtle position 

5 ways to attack from the Turtle position

5 ways to pass guard 

5 submissions when you have your opponent in guard

Katame Waza (Grappling Techniques)


6 Holding Techniques ( Osaekomi Waza)

Show how to escape 

5 Joint Locking Techniques (Kansetsu Waza)

Show how to defend against

6 Strangulation Techniques (Shime Waza)

Show how to defend against


Rank Requirements for Ikkyu

1st Class Brown Belt

Bogyo (Throw Defense)


Pick 5 Throws and show how you defend against them

1st Class Brown Belt (Ikkyu) Written

Japanese Terminlogy

1.Hando No Kuzushi-Action-Reaction

2.Zanshin--Combat Awareness

3.Go No Sen--Counter Attack

4.Sen-Sen No Sen--Subconscious Attack

5. The 8 directions of off-balancing from your opponents perspective


1.Mae-Mae- Straight Forward

2.Ma-Ushiro-Straight Back

3.Migi-Mae-Sumi-Right Front Corner

4.Hidari-Mae-Sumi-Left Front Corner

5.Migi-Yoko-Right Side

6.Hidari-Yoko-Left Side

7Migi-Ushiro-Sumi-Right Back Corner

​8.Hidari-Ushiro-Sumi-Left Back Corner

This test you get to choose your techniques from the list on the Judo Info page on this site.

Nage Waza (Throwing Techniques)


10 Throwing Techniques

5 Counter Throws 

5 Combinations using two or more throws

2 Combinations going from a Throw to a pin to a armbar

2 Combinations going from Throw to a pin to a strangulation Technique