5.Ground work Entry


5 ways to turn over an opponent that's in the Turtle position 

5 ways to attack from the Turtle position

5 ways to pass guard 

5 submissions when you have your opponent in guard

1st Class Brown Belt (Ikkyu) Written

Japanese Terminlogy

1.Hando No Kuzushi-Action-Reaction

2.Zanshin--Combat Awareness

3.Go No Sen--Counter Attack

4.Sen-Sen No Sen--Subconscious Attack

5. The 8 directions of off-balancing from your opponents perspective


1.Mae-Mae- Straight Forward

2.Ma-Ushiro-Straight Back

3.Migi-Mae-Sumi-Right Front Corner

4.Hidari-Mae-Sumi-Left Front Corner

5.Migi-Yoko-Right Side

6.Hidari-Yoko-Left Side

7Migi-Ushiro-Sumi-Right Back Corner

​8.Hidari-Ushiro-Sumi-Left Back Corner

  1. 3.Grappling Techniques


6 Pinning Techniques ( Osaekomi Waza)

Show how to escape 

5 Joint Locking Techniques (Kansetsu Waza)

Show how to defend against

6 Strangulation Techniques (Shime Waza)

Show how to defend against


Rank Requirements for Ikkyu

1st Class Brown Belt

This test you get to choose your techniques from the list on the Judo Info page on this site.

 1.Throwing Techniques


10 Throwing Techniques

5 Counter Throws 

5 Combinations using two or more throws

2 Combinations going from a Throw to a pin to a armbar

2 Combinations going from Throw to a pin to a strangulation Technique

Minimum Time in Grade 10 Months,80 Classes . Normal time is one year.Passing score is 85%

4.Throw Defense


Pick 5 Throws and show how you defend against them



7 Grips and your favorit throw from each

5 Grip Breaks, follow up with a counter attack

6.Kata (Forms)

Demonstrate sets 1,2,and 3 of

Nage No Kata (Forms of Throwing)

Katame No Kata (Forms of Grappling)