​Judo Information for Rokkyu Test

​1.Judo was founded in 1882 by Jigoro Kano. His school was the Kodokan in Tokyo Japan 

2.Judo Slogans 

    1.Jita Kyoei -Mutal Benefit 

    2.Seiryoku Zenyo- Making the Maximum Efficient use of Body and Mind 

    3.The 2 Classifications of Nage Waza

        1.Standing Techniques-Tachi Waza

        2.Sacrifice Techniques-Sutemi Waza

4.The 3 parts of a Judo Throw

     1.Kuzushi - to off balance your opponent 

     2.Tsukuri- Entering in for your throw

     3. Kake- Completing the throw

4. The Name of your Judo Association is the 

      United States Judo Association

5.The Name of your Judo club is SAGA Judo.

SAGA Judo was started in 2009 by Joseph Wells.The Club's USJA Charter # is NC4247


Terminology for Rokkyu

1.Ju------- Flexible,Yielding or Gentle

2.Do-------Principle or Way


4.Ukemi---The Art of Break Falling


6.Gi---------Uniform for Judo

7.Randori--Practice tournament play

​8.Rei--------To Bow

9.Ritsu Rei--Standing Bow

​10.Za Rei--Kneeing Bow

11.Seiza--Sitting on Knees

12.Anza -sitting cross leg


​​​Rank Requirements For Rokkyu (Yellow Belt)

Minimun time and grade in two monthsas USJA member. Pass the SAGA Judo yellow belt test.

There's a demonstration, vocabulary and general info portion to each test.

          1.Nage Waza (Throwing Techniques) and Kaeshi Waza (Counter Techniques)

Demonstrate set one of the Gokyo No Waza and the counters

1.De-Ashi-Harai- the advancing foot sweep counter with Tsubame Gaeshi-The Swallow

2.Hiza-Guruma- Knee WheelThrow

3.Sasae-Tsuri-Komi-Ashi-BlockingLift Pull Foot

4.Uki-Goshi-Floating Hip Throw

5.Osoto-Gari-Big Outer Reap-counter with Osoto Gaeshi-Big Outer Counter

6.O-Goshi-Big Hip Throw- counter with Tani-Otoshi-The Valley Drop

7.O-uchi-Gari-Big Inner Reap-counter with O-Uchi-Gashi-Big Inner Counter

8.Morote-Seoi-Nage-Two Hand Shoulder Throw.

        Demonstrate Three throws from the Shinmesho-No-waza

1. Morote Gari- Two Hand reap

2.Kuchiki-Taoshi-Dead Tree Drop

3.kibisu-Gaeshi-Heel Trip

          2.Renwaku Waza (Combination Techniques)

Demonstrate two throwing combination. Use throws from set one of the Gokyu No Waza



          3.Bogyo (Throwing Defense)

Demonstrate two defenses against throwing attacks

1.Inside Leg Step Around

2.Outside Leg Step Around

​          4.Kumi-Kata (Gripping Forms)

Demonstrate two grips and a throw from each

1.Sleeve and Lapel Grip

2.Sleeve and through armpit back grip

          5.Grip Breaking

Demonstrate two grip breaks



​          6.Osaekomi Waza (Holding Technique)

Demonstrate two Holding Techniques

1.Kesa-Gatame-Scarf Hold

2.Kuzure-Kesa-Gatame-Modified Scarf Hold

​          7. Shime-Waza (Strangulation Techniques)

Demonstrate two strangulation techniques

1.Nami-Juji-Jime-Normal Cross Strangulation

2.Gyaku--Juji-Jime-Reverse Cross Strangulation

          8.Kansetsu Waza (Joint Locking Technique)

Demonstrate two joint locking techniques

1.Juji-Gatame-Cross Arm Lock

2.Ude-Garami-Bent Arm Lock

          9.Hairi Waza (Matwork Entry Techniques)

Demonstrate two ways to attack when you are on your hands and knees with someone on your back.

Demonstrate two ways to turnover someone that's on their hands and knees or lying face down.

          10.Fusegi (Matwork Escapes)

Demonstratetwo escapes from Kesa Gatame

​Demonstrate two ways to escape when your opponent has one of your legs entangled




Passing score is 70% .That means you can only miss 19 total .The Demonstration and the written will be counted together .On the demonstration part you will be judged on how well you perform. If you get a 0 on a technique that means you just didn't know it at all or confused it with another. I'll give you the opportunity to try that technique again. 


Jr First Degree

Time in grade is two months as USJA Member

1. Nage Waza (Throwing Techniques) and Kaeshi Waza (Counter Techniques) 

​Demonstrate the first four throws of the Gokyo No Waza and the counters

1. De-Ash-Hari - the advancing foot sweep counter with Tsubame Gaeshi - The Swallow

2. Hiza-Guruma- Knee Wheel Throw

3.Sasae-Tsuri-Komi-Ashi - Blocking Lift Pull foot

4. Uki-Goshi-Floating Hip Throw

2. Renwaku (Combination Techniques)

Demonstrate one moving skill while doing a throwing combination


3. Boygo (Throwing Defenses)

Demonstrate 1 defense against throwing attacks

1. Inside Leg Step Around

4. Kumi-Kata (Gripping Forms)

Demonstrate 1 grip and a throw from each

1. Sleeve and Lapel Grip

5. Grip Breaking

Demonstrate one grip brake


6. Osaekomi Waza (Holding Techniques)

Demonstrate 1 Holding Technique

1. Kesa-Gatame-Scarf Hold

7. Hairi Waza (Matwork Entry Techniques)

Demonstrate one way to attack when you are on your hands, and knees with someone on your back.

10. Fusegi (Matwork Escapes)

Demonstrate an escpae from Kesa Gatame

Japanese Vocabulary

1. Teacher - Sensei

2. Sitting on Knees - Seiza 

3. Sitting crossed legged - Anza

4. Attention! Kiyotsuke!

5. Bow! Rei!

6. Falling methods or ways - Ukemi

7. Off balance - Kuzushi

General Information 

1.  The name of your judo organization is?

The United States Judo Association (USJA)

2.  The founder of Judo is?

Dr. Jigoro Kano

3. The name of the school he founded is?

The Kodokan

4.  The year that of Kodokan Judo was founded was?


5. SAGA Judo was started in 2009 by Joseph Wells .The USJA Charter number is NC4247

Referee Calls



3.Shido------------Small penalty

4.Osaekomi-------Hold down secured

5.Ippon ------------Full point awared ,you have won the Match.       

Technique you choose from for turning over your opponent 

1.Kata-Ha-Jime turn over

2.Double Lapel Turnover

​3.Sakaku Turnover