​​​​​​​​​​Rank Requirements For Nikyu(2nd class Brown Belt)

Minimum time in grade is 8 months = 64 classes in Sankyu before you can test for Nikyu. Passing score is 85%

1.Throwing & Counter Throwing techniques

                          Demonstrate set five of the Gokyo-No-Waza from right and left side ,and two from opposite side gripping (Kenka-Yotsu)

                          1.O-Soto-Guruma - Big Outside Wheel

                          2.Uki-Waza - Floating Technique

                          3.Yoko-Wakare - Side Separation

                          4.Yoko-Guruma - Side Wheel - use as a counter to O-Goshi

                          5.Ushiro-Goshi - Rear Hip Throw - use as a counter to Koshi Guruma

                          6.Ura-Nage - Back Throw - use as a counter to Hane-Goshi

                          7.Sumi-Otoshi - Corner Drop

                          8.Yoko-Gake - Side Sweeping Drop

                          Demonstrate Five Throws from the Shinmesho-No-Waza

                          1.Kawazu-Gake-Leg Entangle Throw

                          2.O-Soto-Maki-Komi-Big Outside Winding

                                   3.Uchi-Mata-Maki-Komi-Inner Thigh Winding

                          4.Hari-Maki-Komi-Sweeping Hip Winding

                          5.Sode-Tsuri-komi-Goshi-Sleeve Lift Pull Hip Throw

2.Combination Techniques

                          Demonstrate 10 combinations Choose any of the 67 throws from Kodokan Judo and link pins and submissions with a throw.

                           Example 1. Link Hari Goshi to -O Soto Gari to-Uki Gatame to-Juji Gatame

                                              (Sweeping Hip Throw-to Big Outside Reap to-Knee on belly to Cross Arm Lock) 

3.Throwing Defense

                          Demonstrate two defenses against Foot Sweep.

                          Demonstrate two defenses against Hip Throw

4.Gripping Forms

                          Demonstrate two gripping and a throw from each

                          1.Double sleeve grip 

                          ​2.Both hands on one sleeve grip 

​                          Demonstrate two standing arm bar grip breaks

                          1.Ude-Hishigi-Zempaku-Gatame grip break against a high lapel behind the head grip

                          2.Ude-Hishigi-Zempaku-Gatame grip break against a sleeve grip

Grappling Techniques

5.Pinning Techniques

                          Demonstrate  4 Holding Techniques

                          1.Makura-Kesa-Pillow Scarf Hold

                          2.Kamishiho-Gatame-Upper Four Corners Hold Down

                          3.Ushiro-Gatame-Back Hold

                          4.Sankaku-Gatame-Triangular Hold down 

6.Strangulation Techniques

                          Demonstrate two variations of the following Strangulation Techniques

                          1.Katate-Jime-One hand Strangle

                          2.Jikoku-Jime-The Hell Strangle

                          3.Tsukomi Jime -Thust Strangle

                          4. Do- Jime- Body Strangle 

7.Joint Locking Techniques

                          Demonstrate two joint locking techniques

                          1.Hara-Gatame-Stomach Arm lock

                          2.Ashi-Gatame-Leg Arm lock

8.Ground work Entry Techniques

                         1. Demonstrate two ways to turn over an opponent that is face down( low turtle guard )

                         2. Demonstrate entry into Okuri-Eri-Jime

                         3. Demonstrate two ways to break half guard when you have your opponent in a hold down

                         4. Demonstrate a way to transition to a submission from Tateshiho-Gatame

                         5. Demonstrate a transition to a submission from Kamishiho-Gatame

9.Ground work Escapes

                         1. Demonstrate two ways to escape from Tateshiho-Gatame

                         2.Demonstrate two ways to escape from kamishiho-Gatame

                         3.Demonstrate two escapes from Okuri-Eri-Jime

                         4.Demonstrate an escape from Hara-Gatame

10.Formal and Basic Techniques

                         1.Tai-Sabaki-Methods of moving and turning

                         2.Demonstrate Three ways to fit in for a throw-Tsukuri

                         3.Demonstrate set 3 and set 4 of Nage-No-Kata

                         4.Demonstrate set 3 of Katame-No-kata

2nd Class Brown Belt Written Test

Terminology For Nikyu


                          2.Eri--- Lapel

                          3.Tatami---Judo Mats

                          4.Tai-Sabaki---Body Movement

                          5.Zori-----Japanese Sandal

                          6.Hidari--- Left


                          8.Bushido-The way of the Warrior

                          9.Budo----Martial Arts

                          10.Jujitsu-Gentle Art

Judo Information for Nikyu

Kata of Kodokan Judo

                           1.Nage-No-Kata-----Forms of Throwing

                           2.Katame-No-Kata--Forms of Grappling

                           3.Ju-No-Kata--Forms of Gentleness

                           4.Kime-No-Kata--Forms of Decision

                           5.Goshinjitsu-No-Kata--Forms of Self Defense

                           6.Joshi-Goshin-  Ho-Women's form of Self Defense

                           7.Itsutsu-No-Kata---Forms of Five

                           8.Koshiki-No-Kata--Antique Forms

                           9.Seiryoku-Zenyo-Kokumin-Taiiku--Maximum Efficiency Physical Education Exercises

Judo Senior Ranks and Belt Color

Seven Student Ranks

                           1.Shichikyu----7th class----white belt

                           2.Rokkyu---6th class---yellow belt

                           3.Gokyu---5th class-- orange belt

                           4.Yonkyu---4th class---green belt

                           5.Sankyu---3rd class---brown belt

                           6.Nikyu---2nd class---brown belt

                           7.Ikkyu---1st class---brown belt

Ten Dan Ranks

                           1.Shodan---1st degree---black belt

                           2.Nidan---2nd degree---black belt

                           3.Sandan---3rd degree---black belt

                           4.Yodan---4th degree---red and black belt

                           5.Godan---5th degree---red and black belt

                           6.Rokyudan---6th degree---red and white belt

                           7.Shchidan---7th degree---red and white belt

                           8.Hachidan---8th degree---red and white belt

                           9.Kudan---9th degree---red belt

                           10.Judan---10th degree---red belt

United States Judoka that were the first to place in the Olympic Games


1.Jim Bregman{Bronze)Tokyo 1964

2.Robert Berland(Silver)Los Angeles 1984

To this date no US men have gotten gold in the Olympic Games in Judo.


1.Lynn Roethke(Silver)Seoul 1988

2.Margaret Comez(Bronze)Seoul 1988

3.Kayla Harrison(Gold)London 2012

SAGA Judo 

Jr 9th & 10th Purple Belt 

Jr 9th takes half of the test Jr 10th needs to take the whole test 

Jr Judoka needs to be 13 years of age to take the Jr 9th test and 14 years of age to take the Jr 10th test .

Jr Judoka 13 to 16 years of age wont be test on armbars ,but will be tested on chokes