​​​​​​​​​​Rank Requirements For Nikyu(2nd class Brown Belt)

Minimum time in grade is 8 months = 64 classes in Sankyu before you can test for Nikyu. Passing score is 85%

1.Throwing & Counter Throwing techniques

                          Demonstrate set five of the Gokyo-No-Waza from right and left side ,and two from opposite side gripping (Kenka-Yotsu)

                          1.O-Soto-Guruma - Big Outside Wheel

                          2.Uki-Waza - Floating Technique

                          3.Yoko-Wakare - Side Separation

                          4.Yoko-Guruma - Side Wheel - use as a counter to O-Goshi

                          5.Ushiro-Goshi - Rear Hip Throw - use as a counter to Koshi Guruma

                          6.Ura-Nage - Back Throw - use as a counter to Hane-Goshi

                          7.Sumi-Otoshi - Corner Drop

                          8.Yoko-Gake - Side Sweeping Drop

                          Demonstrate Five Throws from the Shinmesho-No-Waza

                          1.Kawazu-Gake-Leg Entangle Throw

                          2.O-Soto-Maki-Komi-Big Outside Winding

                                   3.Uchi-Mata-Maki-Komi-Inner Thigh Winding

                          4.Hari-Maki-Komi-Sweeping Hip Winding

                          5.Sode-Tsuri-komi-Goshi-Sleeve Lift Pull Hip Throw

2.Combination Techniques

                          Demonstrate 10 combinations Choose any of the 67 throws from Kodokan Judo and link pins and submissions with a throw.

                           Example 1. Link Hari Goshi to -O Soto Gari to-Uki Gatame to-Juji Gatame

                                              (Sweeping Hip Throw-to Big Outside Reap to-Knee on belly to Cross Arm Lock) 

3.Throwing Defense

                          Demonstrate two defenses against Foot Sweep.

                          Demonstrate two defenses against Hip Throw

4.Gripping Forms

                          Demonstrate two gripping and a throw from each

                          1.Double sleeve grip 

                          ​2.Both hands on one sleeve grip 

​                          Demonstrate two standing arm bar grip breaks

                          1.Ude-Hishigi-Zempaku-Gatame grip break against a high lapel behind the head grip

                          2.Ude-Hishigi-Zempaku-Gatame grip break against a sleeve grip

Grappling Techniques

5.Pinning Techniques

                          Demonstrate  4 Holding Techniques

                          1.Makura-Kesa-Pillow Scarf Hold

                          2.Kamishiho-Gatame-Upper Four Corners Hold Down

                          3.Ushiro-Gatame-Back Hold

                          4.Sankaku-Gatame-Triangular Hold down 

6.Strangulation Techniques

                          Demonstrate two variations of the following Strangulation Techniques

                          1.Katate-Jime-One hand Strangle

                          2.Jikoku-Jime-The Hell Strangle

                          3.Tsukomi Jime -Thust Strangle

                          4. Do- Jime- Body Strangle 

7.Joint Locking Techniques

                          Demonstrate two joint locking techniques

                          1.Hara-Gatame-Stomach Arm lock

                          2.Ashi-Gatame-Leg Arm lock

8.Ground work Entry Techniques

                         1. Demonstrate two ways to turn over an opponent that is face down( low turtle guard )

                         2. Demonstrate entry into Okuri-Eri-Jime

                         3. Demonstrate two ways to break half guard when you have your opponent in a hold down

                         4. Demonstrate a way to transition to a submission from Tateshiho-Gatame

                         5. Demonstrate a transition to a submission from Kamishiho-Gatame

9.Ground work Escapes

                         1. Demonstrate two ways to escape from Tateshiho-Gatame

                         2.Demonstrate two ways to escape from kamishiho-Gatame

                         3.Demonstrate two escapes from Okuri-Eri-Jime

                         4.Demonstrate an escape from Hara-Gatame

10.Formal and Basic Techniques

                         1.Tai-Sabaki-Methods of moving and turning

                         2.Demonstrate Three ways to fit in for a throw-Tsukuri

                         3.Demonstrate set 3 and set 4 of Nage-No-Kata

                         4.Demonstrate set 3 of Katame-No-kata

2nd Class Brown Belt Written Test

Terminology For Nikyu


                          2.Eri--- Lapel

                          3.Tatami---Judo Mats

                          4.Tai-Sabaki---Body Movement

                          5.Zori-----Japanese Sandal

                          6.Hidari--- Left


                          8.Bushido-The way of the Warrior

                          9.Budo----Martial Arts

                          10.Jujitsu-Gentle Art

Judo Information for Nikyu

Kata of Kodokan Judo

                           1.Nage-No-Kata-----Forms of Throwing

                           2.Katame-No-Kata--Forms of Grappling

                           3.Ju-No-Kata--Forms of Gentleness

                           4.Kime-No-Kata--Forms of Decision

                           5.Goshinjitsu-No-Kata--Forms of Self Defense

                           6.Joshi-Goshin-  Ho-Women's form of Self Defense

                           7.Itsutsu-No-Kata---Forms of Five

                           8.Koshiki-No-Kata--Antique Forms

                           9.Seiryoku-Zenyo-Kokumin-Taiiku--Maximum Efficiency Physical Education Exercises

Judo Senior Ranks and Belt Color

Seven Student Ranks

                           1.Shichikyu----7th class----white belt

                           2.Rokkyu---6th class---yellow belt

                           3.Gokyu---5th class-- orange belt

                           4.Yonkyu---4th class---green belt

                           5.Sankyu---3rd class---brown belt

                           6.Nikyu---2nd class---brown belt

                           7.Ikkyu---1st class---brown belt

Ten Dan Ranks

                           1.Shodan---1st degree---black belt

                           2.Nidan---2nd degree---black belt

                           3.Sandan---3rd degree---black belt

                           4.Yodan---4th degree---red and black belt

                           5.Godan---5th degree---red and black belt

                           6.Rokyudan---6th degree---red and white belt

                           7.Shchidan---7th degree---red and white belt

                           8.Hachidan---8th degree---red and white belt

                           9.Kudan---9th degree---red belt

                           10.Judan---10th degree---red belt

United States Judoka that were the first to place in the Olympic Games


1.Jim Bregman{Bronze)Tokyo 1964

2.Robert Berland(Silver)Los Angeles 1984

To this date no US men have gotten gold in the Olympic Games in Judo.


1.Lynn Roethke(Silver)Seoul 1988

2.Margaret Comez(Bronze)Seoul 1988

3.Kayla Harrison(Gold)London 2012