Referee Calls

1.Wara-Ari------Half point awarded

2.Toketa--------Hold down broken



Judo Info for Gokyu

1.Dr. Jigoro Kano created Judo from the techniques of The Tenshin-Shinyo Ryu and the Kito Ryu styles of JuJitsu .

2. Jigoro Kano only kept the techniques that made most efficient use physical and mental energy.

3.Jigoro Kano studied JuJitsu under Sensei Teinosuke Yagi ,Sensei Hachinosuke Fukuda,and Sensei Iikubo.

4.The Kodokan was founded at the Eishoji Temple in Tokyo Japan .

5.The English translation for the Japanese word Kodokan is The school for studying the way.

6.The 3 parts of unarmed fighting are

   1. Throwing Techniques (Nage Waza)

   2.Grappling Techniques (Katame Waza)

​   3.Stricking Techniques   (Atemi Waza)

Terminology for Gokyu

1.Uke------Technique receiver

2.Tori----- Technique giver


4.Dojo----The building where you practice 

5.Judoka --Person that practices Judo

6.Uchikomi--Fitting in for a throw Reps 

7.Sen ---Attack  




​​​​​There's a demonstration ,written portion to each test .Passing score for orange  belt is 70%

1.Nage Waza (Throwing Techniques) & Kaeshi Waza (Counter Throwing Techniques)

Demonstrate Dai-Nikyo (Set Two

      1.Kosoto-Gari--Small Outside Reap

      2.Kouchi-Gari--Small Inside Reap--Counter with Kouchi-Gaeshi-Small Inside Couunter

      3.Koshi Guruma--Hip Wheel Throw-Counter with Ushiro Goshi-Rear Hip Throw

      4.Tsuri Komi Goshi--Lift Full Hip Throw

      5.Okuri Ashi Harai--Sliding Foot Sweep

      6.Tai Otoshi--Body Drop-Counter with Kosoto Gari-Small Outside Reap

      7.Hari Goshi--Sweeping HIp Throw-Counter with Hari Goshi Gaeshi-Sweeping Hip Counter Throw

      8.Uchi Mata--Inner Thigh Throw-Counter with Uchi Mata Sukashi-Inner ThighAvoidance Throw

2.Renwaku Waza (Throwing Combination Techniques)

Demonstrate 4 throwing combinations. Choose throws from set one and two of Gokyu No Waza.





3.Bogyo (Defence Against Throws

Demonstrate two defenses against throwing attack 

​      1.


4.Kumi Kata (Gripping form)

Demonstrate  two grips and a throw from each



5.Grip Breaking

Demonstrate two grip breaks.Dont use the same that you use on your Rokkyu test.



Katame Waza (grappling techniques)

6.Osaekomi Waza--Holding Techniques

Demonstrate two holding techniques

        1.Makura Kesa Gatame--Pillow Scarf Hold

        2.Ushiro Kesa Gatame--Reverse Scarf Hold

​7.Shime Waza (Strangulation Techniques)

Demonstrate two strangulation techniques

      1.Kata Juji Jime--Mixed Cross Strangulation

      2.Kataha Jime--Single Wing Strangulation

8.Kansetsu Waza (Joint Locking Techniques)

Demonstrate two joint locking techniques

      1.Ude Garami--Bent Arm Lock(down Variation)

​      2.Ude -Hishigi-ude-Gatame--Normal ArmLock

9.Hairi Waza (Matwork Entry Techniques)

Demonstrate matwork entry techniques that you didn't use on your Rokkyu test.

       1.Demonstrate the Kata-Ha- Jime Turn over 

       2.Demonstrate two ways to attack when you are on your hand and knees with someone on your back

       3.Demonstrate entry into Juji-Gatame from Tai-Otoshi

       4.Demonstrate entry into a hold down from Koshi-Gurma

10.Fusegi (Matwork Escapes)

Demonstrate two ways to escape from Makura Kesa Gatame

Demonstrate an escape from a choke from behind

Rank requirements for Gokyu

​(Orange Belt)

​Normal Time 4 months

Minimum time in grade is 3 months 24 classes in Rokkyu before you can be tested for Gokyu