Passsing score is 75% .That means you can only miss 15 .The Demonstration and the Written will be counted together .On the demonstration part you'll be judged on how well you perform .If you get a 0 on a technique that means you didn't know iit at all,or confused it with another . I'll give you the opportunity to try that technique again 

SAGA Judo 

Jr 5th & 6th 

Jr 5th takes half of the test .Jr 6th needs to take the whole test. If you are under the age 13 ,then you wont be tested on armbars or chokes

Jr Judoka must be 9 years of age to be tested for Jr 5th and 10 years of age for Jr 6th 


1.Yusei Gachi----Win by Decision 

2.Waza-Ari-Awaste-Ippon -----Win by adding to half points-no longer used rule change 2017, then it was added back in 

3.Kachi------------- Win 

4.Make-------------- Loss 

5.Kiken-Gachi------Win if opponent withdrawals during a match.

​Referee Calls​

1.Tokui Waza ---your favorite throw

2.Sute-Geiko ----Practice throwing without resistance from your partner

3.Keiko-------------To Practice

4.Shumatsu ------ Cool down exercise

5.Jubi Undo ------ To warm up 

6.Kappo/ Katsu--- Resuscitation Techniques 

7.Ki-------------------- your Spiritual Energy

8.Kiai------------------ To shout to release your energy while performing a technique

9.Ayume-Ashi-Normal walking 

10.Tsugi Ashi-Following foot walking 

11.Shizen Hontai-Basic natural posture

​12.Jigo-Hontai-Basic defensive posture

Terminology for Yonkyu    

Minimum Time in grade is 5 months 40 classes in Gokyu  before you can be tested for Yonkyu


1.Throwing Techniques  & Counter Throwing Techniques

    Demonstrate 6 throws from same side gripping (right vs right, left vs left)- Ai Yotsu .and 2 from opposite side gripping ( right vs left -left vs right)-Kenka Yotsu

Set-3 (Dai-Sankyo) .Show all 8 from the right side ,then 3 from left  

1.Ko-Soto- Gake- Small outside Hook 

2.Tsuri-Goshi-Lifting Hip - Counter with O-Tsuri-Goshi -Large Lifting Hip Throw

3.Yoko-Otoshi-side Drop

4.Ashi-Guruma-Foot Wheel

5.Hane-Goshi-Spring Hip Throw -Counter with Hane-Goshi-Gaeshi-Spring Hip Counter

6.Harai-Tsuri-Komi-Ashi-Sweeping lift Pull Foot

7.Tomoe-Nage -Circle Throw-Counter with Ko-Uchi-Gari-Small inside Reap

​8.Kata-Guruma-Shoulder Wheel

                          Demonstrate 3 of the throws that were removed from Judo 1920 and added back in 1982

1.O-soto-Otoshi-Big Outside Drop

2.Tawara-Gaeshi--Rice Bag Reversal 

3.Uchi-Maki-Komi-Inside Winding Throw

2. Combination Techniques

Demonstrate six combination .Choose throws from set 1,2,and 3 of the Gokyu No Waza.

2 of the 6 combinations do from Kenka Yotsu grips (Uke takes a left handed grip )

Combinations should be linking two or more throws and linking throws to pins to armlocks and chokes 

3. Throwing Defense

Demonstrate two defense against throwing attacks

1.Blocking the hip with your hip by rotating to avoid or twisting to block

2.Blocking the hip  with your hand

4.Gripping Forms

Demonstrate two grips and a throw from each

1.Same side grip

2.Over the shoulder belt grip

5.Grip  Breaking

Demonstrate two grip breaks . Don't use the same from your 6thKyu or 5thKyu test

  Grappling Techniques

6.( Pinning Techniques

Demonstrate two Holding Techniques 

1.Kata-Gatame-Shoulder Hold

2.Uki-Gatame-Floating Hold

3.Kuzure-Kamisho-Gatame-Modified Upper corners hold

7.Strangulation Techniques

Demonstrate 3 strangulation techniques

1.Hadaka Jime (Hand Type) Rear No Gi Strangle

​2.Hadaka Jime (Arm Type) Rear No Gi Strangle

3.Kataha Jime-Single Wing Strangulation 

8.Joint Locking Techniques

Demonstrate  two joint techniques

1.Te-Gatame-Hand Arm Lock

2.Waki-Gatame-Arm Pit Arm lock

9. Ground work Entry Techniques

Demonstrate matwork techniques that you didn't use on your 6thkyu  or 5thkyu test

1.Demonstrate entry into Uki-Gatame from Uchi-Mata

2.Demonstrate entry into Katate-Jime from a hold down

3.Demonstrate Ashi-Garami from Tomoe-Nage 

10. Ground work Escapes

1.Demonstrate a way to escape from kata-Gatame and Uki- Gatame

2.Demonstrate how to free a triangled leg while you have someone in a holding technique

3. Demonstrate how to escape from Te-Gatame and Waki-Gatame

11. Demonstrate 3 break falling techniques

1. Ma-Ukemi -Back fall 

2.Mae-Ukemi-Front fall

3.Zempo- Kaiten-Ukemi -rolling break fall


                                                   Info for Yonkyu




​Rank Requirements For Yonkyu (Green Belt)

​​​​​1.Mitsuyo Maeda ,a student of the founder of Judo (Jigro Kano) is known for being the father of the Brazilian style ofJiu-Jitsu.

2.Ju-Jitsu or Jujutsu was practiced in Japan over a 1,000 years ago and has many styles 

3..Mitsuyo Maeda born 1878 in Aomori Japan, died in Brazil in 1941. He held a 7th dan black belt Judo rank.

4.Mitsuyo Maeda theory for combat was that combat had different phases,and a fighter should keep the fight in the phase where he is the strongest.

5.Jigoro Kano the founder of Judo goal for Judo was the development of human character

6.Name the 3 types Throwing Techniques (Nage Waza)

   1.  Hip Techniques -Koshi Waza

2.Hand Techniques- Te Waza

                     3.Leg/Foot Techniques-Ashi Waza

Name The Four Sides of the Dojo

    1.Upper seat-Kamiza

     2.Upper Side-Joseki

     3.Lower Seat-Shimoza

     4.Lower Side-Shimoseki