Competion Rules

Disqualification (Hasoku-Make)

1.Applying a Joint Locking Technique (Kansetsu-Waza) to other than the elbow joint

2.Reaping the supporting leg to the inside.

3.Striking your opponent

4..Throwing your opponent while applying a standing choke or standing armbar

5..To lift your opponent when in their guard or in a armbar and drive there head or neck into the mat.

6.. Being disrespectful to the referee or opponent .useing gesture or remarks .

7.. Not following the refferee's instructions

Throws that will get you a DQ 

1..Daki-Age-High Lift- if you drive your opponent head into the mat

2.Kani-Basami- Crab Claw 

3.Kawazu-Gake-One leg Entanglement 


This test is a summary of the rules .I encourage you as a Brown belt to take USJA Referree and Coaching Course 

SAGA Judo 

Jr 7th Blue Belt takes half of the test Jr 8th takes the whole test .

Jr Judoka needs to be 11 years of age to take the 7th degree test and 12 years of age to take the Jr 8th test .If you are under 13 you wont be tested on armbars or chokes 

Rank Requirements for Sankyu (3rd Brown Belt)


How to win in Judo

1.Score an Ippon by throwing your opponent on the large part of their back with force ,speed ,power and control.

2.Score an Ippon if your opponent taps out to Choke or arm bar.

3.Score an Ippon if you hold your opponent in a pin for 20 sec 

4.Score an Ippon if you hold your opponent in a pin for 10 sec if you already have a half point (Waza-Ari)

5.Scoring  two half points (Waza-Ari) is a Waza-ari-awasete-Ippon

6.Having the Highest score at the end of the match

7. Win if your opponent gets 3- Penalties (Shido)

8.In over time if your score the first point (Golden Score)

Competition Rules

Penalties (Shido) in IJF rules

1.Putting Hands or Feet in your Opponent's face

2.Putting Fingers inside your Opponent's sleeve

3. Going out of bonds or force your Opponent out

4.Choking using the skirt of the jacket,or belt

5.A False attack 

6. go to matwork (newaza) without attempting a throw

7. Using Do-Jime ( Body Strangle)

8. wrapping legs around Opponent neck

9..Excessive defense posture

10. Not taking a grip 

11 Keeping Opponent from taking a grip.

​12. Not attempting an attack after taking a grip.

​13.Cross gripping, belt gripping,and one side gripping without attacking.

14. Using a (Bear Hug) to throw.

15.Kansetsu waza (joint locking techniques) and 

     shime waza (strangulation techniques) can't be

     attempted in Tachiwaza (Standing)

Vocabulary for Sankyu

1.Nage Waza-----Throwing Techniques

​2.Kaeshi Waza----Counter  Throw Techniques 

3.Bogyo----Defense Against Throwing Attach


5.Kansetsu Waza---Joint Locking 

6.Shime Waza -Strangulations

7.Osaekomi Waza---- Immobilization Techniques


9.Hairi Waza---Ground work entry 

10. Jime--A Choke or a Strangle 


Minimum Time in Grade is 6 months 48 classes inYonkyu before you can be tested for Sankyu 

​​​​​1.Throwing Techniques & Counter Throwing Techniques

Demonstrate the 4th set of the Gokyu No Waza (Dai Yonkyo) and Counters listed below from both right and Left side . If you are right handed show two throws where Uke takes a left handed grip 

   1.Sumi-Gaeshi-Corner Reversal

   2.Tani-Otoshi-Valley Drop

   3.Hane-Maki-Komi-Springing Body Wrapping Throw

   4.Sukui-Nage-Scooping Throw-Use as a counter to a Koshi Waza

​   5.Utsuri-Goshi-Tranfer Hip Throw-Use as counter to Hane-Goshi

   6.O-Guruma-Major Wheel

   7.Soto-Maki-Komi-Outside-Body Wrap-Counter with Ushiro-goshi

   8.Uki-Otoshi-Floating Drop

Demonstrate two throws that were taken out of Judo in 1920 ,then added back to the list in 1982

   1.Seoi-Otoshi- Shoulder Drop Throw

   2.Yama- Arashi- Mountain Storm

Demonstrate two throws from the Shinmesho-No-Waza

   1.Daki-Age-High Lift

   2.Kani-Basami-Crap Claw

2.Combination Techniques

Demonstrate 8 Combinations. Choose throws from set 1,2,3,&4 and also link pins and submissions

3.Throwing Defense

Demonstrate two defense against throwing attacks

   1.Show a defense against a Koshi Waza (Hip Throwing Technique)

   2.Show a defense against Outside Reaps

 4.Gripping Forms

Demonstrate two grips and a throw from each

   1.High collar grip

   2. Low collar grip

Grappling Techniques

 6.Pinning Techniques

Demonstrate two Holding Techniques

   1.Yoko-Shiho-Gatame-Side Four corners Hold


    3. Mune-Gatame--Chest Hold

7.Strangulation Techniques

Demonstrate 4 Stragulation Tecniques

 1.Sode Guruma Jime- Sleeve Wheel Strangle

 2.Okuri Eri Jime- Sliding Lapel Strangle

 3.Sankaku Jime- Triangular Strangle 

 4. Ryote JIme-Two Hand Strangle

8.Joint Locking Techniques

Demonstrate two Joint Locking Techniques

 1.Sankaku-Garami-Triangular Arm Lock

 2.Hiza-Gatame-Knee Arm Lock

9.Ground work Entry Techniques

Demonstrate matwork entry techniques

 1.Demonstrate entry into a hold down from a Maki-Komi Throw 

 2.Demonstrate a ways to go from Turtle Guard to Closed Guard 

 3.Demonstrate two ways to pass Guard

 4.Demonstrate two ways to submit an opponent you have in your Guard

10.Ground work Escapes

Demonstrate matwork escapes

 1.Demonstrate two ways to escape from Yoko-Shiho-Gatame

 2.Demonstrate two ways to escape from Kuzure-Yoko-Shio-Gatame

 3.Demonstrate two ways to escape from Mune-Gatame

 3.Demonstrate an escape from Sankaku-Jime -Triangular Strangulation 

11.Formal and Basic Techniques

  1.Demonstrate how to turn out of a throw

  2.Demonstrate set 1 and set 2 of Nage No Kata

  3.Demonstrate set 1 and set 2 of Katame No Kata


​Written Test