At SAGA we welcome all to come train with us. IF you are looking to learn the art of Judo or train for the sport .

We start our beginner students with the fundamentals .Judo is a grappling art it's main focus is on throws and take downs ,so  the first thing we teach you is how to fall safely . Then we move on to basic judo throws and mat techniques . We start with a warm up that some say is more of a workout that last for 20 minutes ,then we move to drills before the teaching part of the class.The last part we get to practice of skills with sparring .In judo we call it Randori. 

When you first start take your time in making a decision if judo is for you . There's no need to purchase a uniform (Gi) or the membership that's required for rank and competing in tournaments until you know if judo is right for you. 

If you want to earn rank and compete ,then you will need to become a member of the U.S. Judo Association that's 50$ a year and can be filled out at . You will also need a white and a blue judo gi that is IJF approved . There are judo uniforms that are not IJF approved that can be used in local tournaments and in class for less money .This is best if you're just starting.

If you just want to train with us for fitness ,self defense or add judo to your other arts to become more well rounded fighter that okay too,but by becoming a member there's a lot we have to offer .Internationally recognize rank , Coach and Referee certification ,and competing in some great tournaments.