​​7th Kyu          White                  -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

6th Kyu           Yellow                 2 Months      16 Classes              4 months                                     70%  

5th kyu           Orange                3 Months      24 Classes              6 months                                     70%

4th Kyu           Green                  5 Months      40 Classes              8 months                                     75%

3rd Kyu            Brown               6 Months          48 Classes                10 months                                 80%

2rd Kyu            Brown                8 Months       64 Classes              12 months                                   80%

1st Kyu           Brown                  10 Months      80 Classes             15 months                                    85%  

1st Dan           Black                      1 Year          104 Classes             2 years                                     90%                                                                

​​Rank          Belt Color          Minimum time in Grade        Normal time in Grade       Passing Test Score 

Candidates for promotion have to be a current USJA member under Joseph Wells at SAGA Judo # NC4247 .The membership application can be fill out online at www.usja-judo.org 

SAGA Judo is a judo class of SAGA Combat of Lincolnton it's not a separate business

Time in grade and class attendance requirements for Judo rank. (Example,a white belt will need two months as a USJA member and sixteen classes to be elible to take the yellow belt test .Passing score is 70% .The chart below shows the minimum and normal time in grade for each senior rank .Senior ranks starts at age 17.

Joseph Wells Sr-3rd Degree Black Belt

Jesse Wells -1st Degree Black Belt

Scott White-1st Degree Black Belt 

Janelle White -1st Degree Black Belt

Joey Wells 1st Degree Black Belt

Justin Goins 1st Degree Black Belt

Carlos Canales-1st class Brown Belt

Henry Shook 1st class Brown Belt

Hailey Harkey- 2nd class Brown Belt

Rachel Hudson- 3rd class Brown

John Partin - 3rd class Brown

Kirsten Robertson-3rd class Brown

George White sr - 3rd class Brown

Roger Carroll -3rd class Brown

Alan Herrick Jr- 3rd class Brown Belt

Jayson Wilkins-3rd class Brown Belt

Alex Fincannon -3rd class Brown Belt

Rebecca Goins-3rd class Brown Belt

David Sandoval-Green Belt

Cody Dillard - Green Belt​

Billy Robertson - Orange Belt

Taylor Thornburg - Orange Belt

Brandon McIntyre - Orange Belt

Steven Cobb - Orange Belt

Randall Madriz-Orange Belt

​Richard Turpin-Orange Belt​

Gabriel Searcy-Orange Belt

Hannah Boyles- Orange Belt

Angela Wells Jr 4th-Orange Belt

Adam Johnson-Yellow Belt 

Byron Rice - Yellow Belt

Scotty Bryant - Yellow Belt

Josh Smith - Yellow Belt

Sarah Burns - Yellow Belt

Robert Henderson - Yellow Belt

Cole Smith-Yellow Belt

​Phillip Calloway-Yellow Belt​

Lillian Goins--JR 2nd Degree Yellow-belt

Lucas Bollinger- JR 1st Degree White/Yellow Belt

Joshua Carter-White Belt

Chrissy Fuller-White Belt

Fitz Gaines-White Belt

Blake Salsbury - White Belt

Jordan Fernandez -Yellow Belt

Jayden Frances -Yellow Belt

Mauricio Frances -yellow Belt

Glenn Wells -Yellow Belt

Madalyn Huss-Jr 2nd Degree Yellow/White Belt

Emma Huss-Jr 1st White/ Yellow Belt​​

​Cameron Moss-White Belt

Club Members by Rank