2019 NC Judo State Championship

December 12th Winston-Salem

Hailey Harkey 1st place 70kg Sr Female 

Justin Goins 2nd place 100 kg Masters

2021 Tournament Results

ATJA/AJJF Nationals ,Atlanta ,7/31/21

Justin Goins Gold in Men Veterans -90kg ,and 5th place in the Open division

AJ Herrick 5th place in Sr Men +100kg 

2022 Tournament Results

ATJA Nationals ,Atlanta ,GA ,8/6/22

Justin Goins, Gold in Men Veterans -90kg,and 4th in the Open division 

Waynesville N.C 2022 NCJI State Championship ,Fall Brawl

Angela Wells ,Silver in 7-8 year old Female 22kg light weight 

Alex Fincannon, Silver 66kg Seniors

2023 Tournament Results

ATJA Nationals, July 15th Wendell NC 

Joseph Wells,Silver in -73kg Veterans 

Alex Fincannon,Gold in -81kg Senior

USA Judo Veterans Open 

August 26th Myrtle Beach SC 

Joseph Wells ,Silver -73kg M6

Justin Goins ,4th 90kg M2

Rebecca Goins Veteran Female ,Gold 

 NCJI State Championship 

Waynesville Kodokan Fall Brawl

October 7th 2023

Alex Finncannon, 4th -73kg Senior

Santa Slam 

Sanford NC ,December 10th 2023

Rachle Hudson -Silver

Madalyn Huss-Gold , Silver

Emma Huss- Silver , Bronze

Sanford Judo Open 

Sanford NC ,January 13th 2024

Jayson Wilkins ,Silver in Black Belt division 

​Tournament Results 2015

S.C. State Championship 

Kirsten Robertson 2nd Place

2015 Waynesville Fall Brawl 

Henry Shook 1st place 15& 16 year old

and 3rd Place in Sr 90kg 

​Joseph Wells 1st Place 66kg Masters 









Weight Divisions; For Senior Men and women









Tournament Results 2019

2019 JA/JF Summer Nationals

July 6-7, Wagner College,Staten Island,NYC

Justin Goins 1st place -90kg Senior

Hailey Harkey 2nd place -70kg IJF-Junior

Hailey Harkey 2nd place -70kg Senior

Hailey  Harkey 1st place Female Kosen 

Joseph Wells 2nd place 73kg Veteran 

Waynesville N.C. Fall Brawl 

Oct,5th 2019

Justin Goins 2nd place-90 kg Masters 

Justin Goins 2nd place Kosen 

Joseph Helms 3rd place 81 Kg Masters

​Joseph Helms 3rd place Kosen 

Tournament Results for 2016 

Henry Shook  got two gold and one bronze medal at the USA Judo Jr Olympics in Texas June the 24th 

Tournament Results for 2017

Brand McIntyre got 2nd place in the 66 kg division at the S.C. State Judo Championship in Summerville

Tournament Results For 2018

Hailey Harkey 3rd place 

70kg Senior Female Division 

NC Judo State Championship Waynesville 

Justin Gions 3rd place

90kg Master Male Division 

NC Judo State Championship


Winston -Salem N.C.

December 1st 2018

Hailey Harkey  

70Kg Senior Female 3rd Place

​78kg Senior Female Division

Tournament Results 2014

Waynesville Fall Brawl

N.C.J.I State judo Championship


Scott white 1st Place Masters

Henry Shook 1st Place Teen Male

Kirsten Roberson 1st Place

Cody Dillard 3rd Place

Rachel Hudson 3rd Place

Charlie Pass 3rd Place

Janelle White 3rd Place

Joseph Wells 4th Place 


​Tournament Results -2000 to 2023

2000 USJA jr Nationals

Joey Wells 4th Place

Results 2001

2001 NCJI State Championship 

Joseph Wells 2nd Place

Jesse Wells 2nd Place

Joey Wells 3rd Place

2001 SC State Championship

Joseph Wells 2nd Place

Jesse Wells 3rd Place

2002 Results

2002 SC State Championship

Joseph Wells 1st Place

2003 Results

2003 NC State Championship 

Joseph Wells 2nd Place

​Jesse Wells 3rd Place 

2005 Results

2005 SC State Championship

Joseph Wells 1st Place

Omar Morales 3rd Place 

2005 CAJA Charlotte NC

Joseph Wells 1st Place

2005 Bushido Judo Durham NC 

Joseph Wells 2nd Place 

2006 Results

2006 Bushido Judo 

Joseph Wells 1st Place 

Jesse Wells 2nd Place 

2007 Results

2007 SC State Championship

Joseph Wells 1st Place Kata -Goshin Jitsu , 2nd Place Shiai 

2008 Results

2008 SC State Championship

Joseph Wells 2nd Place 

Jesse Wells 2nd Place

2009 Results


2009 Hilton Head Island SC 

Joseph Wells 1st Place

Jesse Wells 1st Place 

Scott White 1st Place 

Janelle White 1st Place

2009 Waka Ma Sha Atlanta Ga

Jesse Wells 2nd Place 

2009 Nito Cup Judo Cup ,Winston Salem NC Jesse Wells 3rd Place 

2010 Results

2010 Bushido Challenge.Oxford  N.C 

Scott white 3rd Place

Cody Dillard 1st Place

Chrissy Fuller 2nd place

Nito Cup ,Winston Salem N.C. 8/710

Scott white 3rd Place

Rachel Hudson 2nd Place

Cody Dillard 1st Place

N.C .J.I. State Championship

Waynesville N.C 10/2/10

Rachel Hudson 2nd Place

Cody Dillard 3rd Place

Justin Green 3rd Place

Joseph Wells 3rd Place

​Joush Carter 3rd Place

2011 Results

N.C .J.I State Judo Championship 

3/12/11 Oxford N.C.

Scott White 3rd Place

Janelle white 2nd Place

John Partin 2nd Place

Cody Dillard 1st Place

Chrissy Fuller 3rd place

Roger Carroll 2rd place

USJA /USJF Jr. Nationals 

July 2,3rd 2011 Toledo Ohio

Cody Dillard 2rd Place IJF

​John Partin 1st Place

2012 Results

Fall Brawl Oct ,6th 2012

Waynesville N.C.

John Partin 2nd place

Henry Shook 1st Place

Rachel Hudson 2rd Place

Nito Cup August 26th 2012 

Winston Salem N.C.

Kirsten Robertson 1st Place 

John Partin 2nd Place

David Sandoval 2nd Place

2013 N.C. Judo Open 4/27/13

Henry Shook 2nd & 3rd Place

Janelle White 2nd Place

Kirsten Robertson 3rd Place 

​Results 2014

S.C Judo State Championship 

April 4th 2014 Columbia S.C

Kirsten Robertson 3rd Place

Joseph Wells 3rd Place.